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Bayou Birthday Gifts

Last Friday I celebrated my birthday with my wonderful friends and family. Although I was home in Jersey for the festivities, I received several gifts to prepare me for life on the bayou. Right before unwrapping each one I was told, “I think this will get good use in Shreveport.” I agree. I thought I’d share some of my favorites.


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Swamp People

When I tell East Coast friends about Shreveport, the most common question that they ask is, “So, is it like Swamp People?”

At first I was not familiar with Swamp People, but because it had come up in conversation so many times, I had to watch at least one episode. The show isn’t based in Shreveport, but it does take place in Louisiana. I leave you with this story about a one-eyed swamp monster, as told by Troy.

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A little bit of Chicken Fried..

While visiting Texas last summer this song came on the radio as we were driving to Austin. With the windows rolled down and Zac Brown blasting on the stereo, we knew we were destined for the south.

The intro in this particular video is a bit long, but hang in there, it’s worth it.

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A Hint of Nostalgia

With just a little over one month left in D.C., I’ve been thinking about the move ahead. While I’m incredibly excited for the move to Louisiana, I have been a bit nostalgic as I reflect upon the last two years in Washington. Here are a few of the things that I will sadly leave behind as well as a few things that I am happy to bid farewell.

Things that I will miss about DC

  • The Neighborhoods – Each distinctly different, I will miss the shops in Georgetown, the hipsters of U Street, the politics of Capital Hill, the trendiness of Logan Circle, the rowdiness of Adams Morgan, the warmth of Glover Park, the sophistication of Dupont, and yes, even the neighborhoods of Arlington.
  • The Metro – It’s nice not to need a car.
  • Whole Foods – I will miss this less because of the organic produce and more because of the lavish prepared foods section that has sustained me for two years. I have eaten absurdly healthy without ever really needing to turn on my oven or clean a pan.
  • Running Trails and Routes – I will desperately miss running along Rock Creek, the Mt. Vernon Trail, at Roosevelt Island, around the Monuments, and over the Key Bridge at sunset.
  • The Politics – You know you’ve lived in D.C. long enough when you’re out to dinner and you get excited when you’ve identified a Supreme Court Justice at a table nearby. Yes, this happened.
  • Georgetown Cupcake – Consuming the Chocolate 2 or the Lava Fudge is a semi-religious experience. Yes, these cupcakes are that good. No, I don’t want to hear your argument for Baked & Wired or any other cupcake shop. Let’s just agree to disagree.
  • The Mighty Pint – The funniest nights of my life have occurred at this bar. I’m not sure if it was the people, the bar, or both, but this is easily my favorite nightspot in D.C.
  • Sweet Green – If I had any skills in the kitchen I would desperately try to recreate the Chic P and/or Guacamole Greens salads on my own.
  • Rooftops – Nothing says summertime quite like cocktails overlooking the city.
  • Girls on the Run DC –  Being part of GOTR-DC has impacted my life as much as it has impacted the girls we work with.
  • How the city overreacts to snow – An inch of snow in the forecast? You can definitely count on having the day off and sleeping in. Here’s to excessive and unnecessary snow days.
  • The city pulse – What I’ll miss most of all is that feeling you get just as it gets dark and the city lights up and there’s that electric buzz in the air and you look around think I’m part of this. 

Things that I will NOT miss about DC

  • The Traffic – My blood pressure will finally return to normal levels when I will no longer need to allot 45 minutes to drive 1.5 miles.
  • Obnoxious Cyclists – Demanding the road privileges of an automobile while abusing the rights of pedestrians, the D.C. cyclists clog up traffic patterns, terrorize the sidewalks and do all of this while yelling rudely and ringing their annoying bike bells. I am very happy to leave the aggressive cyclists of D.C. behind.
  • Condescending Hill Staffers – Some, but not all, of the Hill workers are very skilled at making you feel like an uneducated ignoramus while simultaneously reminding (and relieving) you of why you never pursued that Political Science degree.
  • The Metro – It’s nice not to need a car… but it would much sweeter if the metro arrived when you wanted, didn’t break down, or took you somewhere you actually wanted to go.
  • The Fashion – In this city I have seen far too many power suits paired with sneakers. Comfort is never worth sacrificing all self-dignity.
  • Snow – Finally! No more Ugg Boots and heavy winter coats needed for winters in Shreveport!
  • Parking – If you’re even lucky enough to get street parking in D.C., a quarter in the meter will get you… 8 minutes? I am looking forward to free parking and ample parking spaces in Shreveport.
  • The rent prices – Now that I will no longer be putting my entire salary towards rent, I will actually be able to do something I thought was impossible: save money.

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Hello, Shreveport!

Louisiana Boardwalk

The Red River

River Boat Casino

Shown above are a few photos I snapped during my first visit to Shreveport earlier this month.

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A Blog is Born

I think I should start off by saying that I make a terrible blogger. I always come out of the gate strong but somewhere around the one month mark of my blogging endeavor, I realize that I’m not very interesting and I don’t have anything interesting to say without exploiting loved ones. Luckily, I have had the good sense not to resort to this tactic.

I’m also not a “writer.” I occasionally have grandiose illusions of authoring books but at the end of the day I find the actual task of writing to be daunting and arduous.

So I want to be clear that I am not starting this blog because it’s something that I want to do “for myself.” If I were doing something for myself it would include a lot of dark chocolate, a shopping spree, and most definitely a nap.

I’m starting this blog for those of you who have insisted upon it (you all know who you are).

I am relocating to Shreveport, Louisiana and I am going to write about it here. I have no idea what to expect or what I will write about, but I will chronicle this new life adventure here for your reading pleasure.

Because I am a terrible blogger, I have only given myself one rule: I MUST post at least twice a week for one year. That’s it. This seems manageable even to the writing averse like myself.

Cheers to Sweet Tea and pecan pie,



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