A Blog is Born

I think I should start off by saying that I make a terrible blogger. I always come out of the gate strong but somewhere around the one month mark of my blogging endeavor, I realize that I’m not very interesting and I don’t have anything interesting to say without exploiting loved ones. Luckily, I have had the good sense not to resort to this tactic.

I’m also not a “writer.” I occasionally have grandiose illusions of authoring books but at the end of the day I find the actual task of writing to be daunting and arduous.

So I want to be clear that I am not starting this blog because it’s something that I want to do “for myself.” If I were doing something for myself it would include a lot of dark chocolate, a shopping spree, and most definitely a nap.

I’m starting this blog for those of you who have insisted upon it (you all know who you are).

I am relocating to Shreveport, Louisiana and I am going to write about it here. I have no idea what to expect or what I will write about, but I will chronicle this new life adventure here for your reading pleasure.

Because I am a terrible blogger, I have only given myself one rule: I MUST post at least twice a week for one year. That’s it. This seems manageable even to the writing averse like myself.

Cheers to Sweet Tea and pecan pie,




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2 responses to “A Blog is Born

  1. Lauren

    The blog looks great! Can’t wait to keep reading! : )

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