The “Jersey Girl” mystique

Back in the stone age, before G chat and Facebook updates, there was AOL Instant Messenger. Those of you from New Jersey will remember the following quote that every Jersey Girl posted as her AIM away message at least once during her high school years:

The Jersey Girl mystique is hard to put into words. One would never say earthy-that’s way too California. Gritty gets closer when you understand that a true Jersey Girl sleeps just fine with sand in her bed, but that definition still falls shorter than a pair of faded cutoffs. Jersey Girls go to the beach, or “down the Shore.” They’re not formal. “Casual attire” means shoes are optional. We have perfected the lost art of tanning, and know how to navigate a traffic circle with attitude. We know good corn and tomatoes when we taste them, and we’re never afraid to dance.

This definition encompassed the essence of a Jersey Girl before the likes of Snooki, Real Housewives, and the Sopranos gave it a different meaning. At 15, I lived and died by this mantra. And despite the influx of tourists invading our beaches every summer (read: BENNYs), I know many of us who still embody the true Jersey Girl spirit.*

Here are some photos of the real Jersey Shore sans hairspray and fist pumps:

*even those of us who move to Shreveport, LA.


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