It’s a small world after all

At some point during this moving process I signed myself up for a newsletter by the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO). I figured it would provide some insight into the different organizations in the area and might shed some light on ways I could become more involved in the community.

Giving back is important to me and during my time in D.C. I was actively involved with Girls on the Run, a positive youth development program which combines running with an interactive curriculum to inspire a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living in pre-teen girls. Through my involvement with this wonderful organization I met many inspiring individuals. Sadly, there isn’t a GOTR Shreveport chapter (…yet).

So why am I having a wow-it’s-such-a-small-world moment?

A LANO newsletter arrived in my inbox yesterday and in this newsletter there was a link to an article from the Shreveport Times titled, We all can make a difference when we work together. It discussed ways for young professionals to become active on nonprofit boards but what really caught my eye was when the article referenced Nikita Mitchell’s blog, Journeyful Life.

I thought, “Wait a second, I know that blog!”

And then I remembered why. Nikita Mitchell happens to be one of those inspiring individuals from Girls on the Run DC that I met this spring. We were part of a group of runners that participated in the National Half Marathon as SoleMates to raise money for the Girls on the Run DC Chapter this past March.

Even from all the way in D.C., Nikita Mitchell and her blog are making an impact in Shreveport. I love that. It is inspiring and reminds me that we all have the potential to positively touch the lives of others. Thanks, Nikita!


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