The Tarantula

The tarantula returned to his post in the pantry this morning and after I let out a Marv-like scream ala Home Alone, the beast met his maker. I’m feeling very victorious for 8:15 on a Saturday morning.

Because you have to see it to believe it:



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7 responses to “The Tarantula

  1. Jenn

    Yea- you will find a variety of weird insects in the south. And then I have the patient population that would bring their kid to the ED at 11 pm bc they think their kid got a spider bite….but it was a mosquito bite. awesome.

  2. Beth.Ann. That is unreal. Unreal. You are so brave.

  3. Allison

    Oh BA, wow. I’m sure battling the cockroaches in Howard for 4 yrs helped you in this situation, but I’m still pretty impressed. Please make sure all other creatures and critters are similarly disposed of before we visit you in a couple of weeks!

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