Weekend in Review: July 16th & 17th

I survived my first full weekend in Shreveport and here’s a recap in photos:

1. Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday from 7am – 12pm local farmers gather at Festival Plaza in Downtown Shreveport. When I arrived I was thrilled to see that it was overflowing with fresh watermelons, peaches, tomatoes, and the coolest homemade ice cream machine I’ve ever seen. Delish.

2. Gun Show

I surprised myself by attending this but it was happening right next door to the Farmers’ Market and I couldn’t resist. I don’t know what I was expecting a gun show to entail but I was disappointed to find out that it’s just a place to buy and sell guns. Despite this, the $7 entry fee was money well spent because the crowd turned out to be far more interesting than the firearms.

3. Red River Beach

So relaxing that even Gidget immersed herself for a dip in the Red River. Though for my next visit I’ll have to remember that true locals wear cowboy boots instead of flip flops to the beach, or at least that’s what appeared to be the case this afternoon.


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