Meet the neighbors (the local wildlife)

In Shreveport there is a wide variety of wildlife to be seen. Well, not really. But on a daily basis I encounter more creatures than I would normally see in D.C., where “wildlife” meant not-so-friendly squirrels and an abnormally large species of cockroaches.

Meet a few of our neighbors:

The horses. I tried to get his friends in the picture but they were huddled under a shady tree to dodge the heat. Can’t blame them.

The turtles. They surface on the shore of the “lake” when you tempt them with pieces of stale bread.

The gators. I haven’t seen any in their natural habitat (yet) but here are the pet gators on display at the Bass Pro Shops at the LA Boardwalk.

The cattle. Mooo’ve over (sorry, I had to). This handsome group lives next door and usually comes out to graze in the late afternoons.

The cats. One of about a dozen in the area, these felines prowl the area and lounge on strangers’ doorsteps. At night they perch themselves upon the hoods of cars. It’s unclear at this point if they’re local pets or just a pack of strays.


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