Weekend in Review: July 23rd & 24th

The Port explorations continued this weekend and here are some highlights:

1. Meeting Troy from Swamp People

When I blogged about Troy Landry two months ago, I never dreamed I would actually meet him. So when I heard he was coming to Shreveport, I made it a priority to attend the Shreveport Outdoor & Hunter’s Expo. I was one of literally several thousand who were eager to meet the local celeb.

Clearly, this was the high point of the weekend.

Troy was just as friendly as he appears on the show and I asked him if he had any advice for newcomers to the area like me. He told me I should be prepared to pack on the pounds. “I don’t think you’ll stay skinny if you live here, that’s for sure.” Gotta love that.

He was also nice enough to sign his autograph. Thanks, Troy!

2. Live music

Saw local Texas favorite, Shinebox, perform at the CMT Crossroads lounge. We only stayed for a short time but while we were there they performed a decent set, as evidenced by the enthusiastic two-steppers in front of the stage.

3. Farmer’s Market… again

Along with purchases of peaches and plums, I cannot stop eating the most scrumptious candied pecans I have ever had. Perhaps Troy’s waist-line predictions are valid.

4. Vintage Wine Bar

Attached to a delicious Italian restaurant, I was delighted to uncover this cozy hot spot. So far, this might be the greatest Port discovery (second to the cupcakes).


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