Dog days of summer

Here it is. The post I never thought I’d write: A formal complaint about the heat.*

Oh, the irony.

Gidget isn’t fairing well in the scorching temperatures either. Normally showcasing energy that could be suitable for a Red Bull campaign, she has taken on a new role as the Shreveport Sloth.

Our usual post-walk routine goes something like this:

1. Pant heavily inside the doorway for 10 minutes.

2. Guzzle a gallon of water and immediately collapse on the floor. More panting.

3. Eventually make your way to a  more comfortable location for a nap to recover from heat exhaustion.

Repeat as necessary.

Notice I said “our” routine.

*You thought I was going to say “A post about my dog,” right? Well, you were also correct.



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4 responses to “Dog days of summer

  1. Lauren

    Funny, that’s what Steve, Atticus, and I look like after a walk outside lately. (Mainly Atticus, but we ALL guzzle water.

  2. peter

    HAHA i almost just spit out my drink when i saw the picture of gidg passed out in the kitchen.

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