Weekend in Review: August 6th & 7th

This was one of the less exciting weekends in the ‘Port due to a considerable amount of unpacking and work that needed to be done but here are some highlights:

1. Official surrender of East Coast residency.

I now have a Louisiana license… something I never dreamed possible.

2. Fly Fishing Lesson: Part 1

Remember when I bought this Groupon? I went for my first lesson on Saturday and learned how to tie knots. My instructor was hilarious and the session also provided lessons in learning the differences between a Redneck and a Bubba and a Yankeee and a Damn Yankee. It was a very educational two hours. I return next week for my casting lesson.

3. Garden & Gun magazine subscription

After reading the article, Southern Women: A new generation of women who are redefining the Southern Belle, I was both infuriated (they mock New Jersey and Northern women) but also impressed. I finally bit the bullet and subscribed, just like Mary at Hello? I Forgot my Mantra has been telling me to do for months.


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