Hottest summer. Ever.

I’m beginning to think record-breaking weather  follows me like a dark cloud. A few years ago during my first winter in Washington, D.C., we experienced the famous “Snowpocalypse” that crippled the city (and the government) for a solid two weeks. There was snow up to my eyeballs.

Now after a month and a half of non-stop sweating and heat headaches, Shreveport has officially shattered the previously held heat record from the 1800s.

“This will go down as the hottest summer on record,” he said.So far this year, the area has experienced 48 days of over-100-degree weather, breaking the all-time record number of days at or above the century mark. The last record was 47 days, set in 1881.” – Shreveport Times.

I know I usually exaggerate but I’m not making this up. You can read the full story here.


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