Another failed attempt at domesticity: Rice Weevils

Now that I’ve settled in a fairly regular cooking routine, I thought that I had planned a fool-proof meal for a Monday night. Chicken and Rice. The chicken was practically created for idiots like myself since I bought it already stuffed and in the pan. All that I had to do was literally turn on the oven and wait for the timer to tell me it was done.

But it wasn’t the chicken.

It was the rice.

A few minutes into cooking it, I noticed black pieces floating to the top of the broth. I pulled one out with my wooden spoon and noticed that this black fleck that I had assumed to be a piece of burnt rice (likely) had wings and legs.

A panicked Google search (“there are bugs in my rice??”) led me to several pages indicating that they were either Rice Weevils or Pantry Moths.

Down the drain went the entire pot and here’s the funny part: I was less freaked out by the bugs and more upset about the fact that yet another dinner was ruined and this time it wasn’t my fault.

I did the only reasonable thing possible. I knew we needed a starch to pair with the chicken so I dug deep into the pantry and located my In-Case-of-Emergency Brownie Mix.

Turns out that chicken doesn’t pair very well with brownies so Gidget enjoyed a second dinner while I enjoyed my brownie entrée.

I think that ultimately everyone was happier this way.


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One response to “Another failed attempt at domesticity: Rice Weevils

  1. peter

    that happened to my rice all the time in st. thomas. i now only buy the Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice – sealed, single-serving microwavable rice

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