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A note about pickup trucks

This is probably an overdue observation, but I think it’s finally time to talk about the importance of the pickup truck. While a coveted car back home is any sort of compact luxury vehicle that can fulfill fantasies of racing in the Indy 500, the wheels of choice in the South are ginormous pickup trucks. I have overheard proud truck owners brag with such intensity that I had trouble initially discerning if the praise belonged to their automobile or their child.

I still don’t quite get the appeal of a truck but I can say that I do have a new appreciation for Taylor Swift’s Picture to Burn. I love that she takes the ultimate jab by – gasp – insulting her ex’s pickup truck. Hilarious.


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Vogue said it best

This made me anxious for real fall weather. I’m hopeful that the severe thunderstorm and hail that woke me up this morning will finally bring a cold front to break the temps that have hovered around 90° recently. Fingers are crossed.

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The Red River Revel

Every fall Shreveport hosts a week-long festival known to locals as “The Revel.” It might be the most anticipated event of the year, second to Mardi Gras. I had heard about it for weeks. When I inquired further about what exactly the Revel was, I was given an assortment of responses that led me to believe it was a crowded craft show with an extravagant fried food menu.


Not only did it exceed all expectations, it was worthy enough for a blog post and I understand why it was so hard to explain. The best way I can sum up the Red River Revel is to say that it’s part carnival, part craft show, part food festival, and part summer concert series. Think South Street Seaport meets the Southern cowboy.

Here are some photos to showcase the festivities. If I had been more discrete, I would have photographed the footwear. Let’s just say I was in the minority by not wearing boots.

Festival Plaza

Just a few of the food vendors. The turkey legs were bigger than my own. Also note the fried catfish.

More catfish, muffaletta pizza, and crawfish tails… in case you were wondering my dinner was the next photo.

Dinner! This was the first funnel cake I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

And the biggest surprise of all… a free Colt Ford concert! Country legend! (Don’t worry, I didn’t know who he was either. However, Rich displayed a level of enthusiasm I would have exhibited if Bruce Springsteen had miraculously appeared on the stage).

ACTUALLY, the biggest surprise of all was that I enjoyed the performance. A lot of lyrics were about chicken, biscuits, dirt roads, and trucks, but it was catchy and I found myself wishing I could sing along with the crowd (and that I was wearing boots).



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