Autumn in Louisiana

For some reason my inbox today was filled with emails about happenings in DC and for a bit of the afternoon I felt a pang of homesickness for city life.

There’s something about fall in a city. Boots. Crunchy leaves. Coffee shops. Hot chocolate. Scarves. Trench coats and cashmere mittens… Sigh.

But there’s also something majestic about fall in the country. Like really awe-inspiring. The rich colors, open skies, and cooler temperatures (70° is considered “cool” here) have transformed Shreveport from a brutally hot, dusty desert into a gorgeous, lush countryside.

Here are some photos from this afternoon’s walk with Gidget around the “neighborhood,” where the neighborhood is really just open land with some swamps.


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One response to “Autumn in Louisiana

  1. Jenn

    your blog made me realize i forgot to watch Hart of Dixie this past week…

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