Notre Dame vs. USC (October 22, 2011)

[Insert a witty apology for being slow to post the last few weeks. The real blame falls on getting caught in the trenches at work which often renders me incapable of stringing together coherent sentences for a blog at the end of the day].

So here it is! The recap of my weekend at Notre Dame! Despite the most depressing loss that I have ever been present for, it was so great to visit campus and catch up with old friends. Here are some of the highlights:

My old dorm, Howard Hall! Officially the home of the "Ducks" and unofficially the home of nuclear-sized cockroaches.

sisters : )

Freshman year roommates!


FINALLY found each other after a day of texts/phone calls and tailgate confusion.

Golden Dome

Trumpet players in Main Building right before the game

Players running out of the tunnel. For most of us, this was the last exciting part of that game. Final score 17 - 31 USC. Ugh.


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