The Louisiana State Fair

The state fair has been in town for a few weeks and we finally found the time to experience it in all its deep-fried glory this weekend. Here are some highlights:


Deep-fried Kool-Aid Balls: Proof that you really can fry anything. Of course the vendors sold the standard fried foods you would expect, such as corn dogs and funnel cake, but then there were the fried foods you didn’t think were scientifically possible such as frying a childhood juice drink.

I wasn’t brave enough to try the Kool-Aid balls for fear of the havoc they would wreak on my insides but everyone else described them as Kool-Aid flavored funnel cake balls. Yuck.

Jumbo turkey legs. They are so large and juicy that it is impossible to eat this and not resemeble a caveman.

Alligator Boudin and Sausage Po-Boys. A traditional Louisisana delicatessen.

Texas Tater Twisters. While it’s basically just a greasy hybrid of a french fry / potato chip, I bought it because I thought it looked cool. It was also the only thing that a health-nut like myself could stomach (no pun intended). At least it’s a vegetable, right?

Hot Beef Sundae. Yep. This exists. An all-beef sundae made out of beef and mashed potatoes.

The tomato as the “cherry on top” is hilarious to me.

The Beef Sundae is the ultimate man-treat.

Fried Oreos and Fried Candy Bars. The oreos are the little dough balls and the snickers is the wooden stick in the case to the right. For the record, I have had one fried-oreo in my life and it was in Seaside, NJ. It sat in my stomach like a little brick for days and therefore, I didn’t feel compelled to repeat the experience this time around. Although, they did smell really good.


No fair is complete without a freak show. This was an exhibit of preserved animals in glass jars (like the pigs in your freshman year bio class) with bizarre deformities (extra legs, two heads, etc.). I’m not a PETA activist but this made me sad.

Same goes for this guy. This was a horse with really tiny legs. I asked the attendant if he lives a good life outside of the fair and if he gets to run around. She said “He sure does,” and I’m hoping she didn’t just say that to make me feel better.

The fair lights up as the sun goes down.

Good night, Louisiana.




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3 responses to “The Louisiana State Fair

  1. Jenn

    1. The beef sundae looks delicious (sorry, BAVs…my stomach can probably handle that). 2. Richard- you look starved…ARE THEY WORKING YOU TO DEATH DOWN THERE? I hope you ate 2 beef sundaes

  2. Richard

    1 corn-dog Large size 18inches
    1 full size funnel cake
    1 kool aid ball
    portions of a potato stick fries/chips
    1 beef sundae
    2 fried orioes
    1 bite of a frozen snickers bar
    then after wards…
    6 garlic parm chicken wings (delicious)
    5 mozz sticks . Please note the poached 6th stick by BAVS.

    1 LSU and 1 Notre Dame victory.

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