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Ice Hockey in the Deep South

You wouldn’t think ice hockey would be a popular sport in a place where the temperatures hover around 100° for half of the year, and you are probably right. Yet there is a small community of hockey players and I happen to know one of them.

As a supportive fiance, I went and watched a game one night. I even filmed a video that shows less of the hockey game and more accurately depicts my lack of understanding of the game, as well as my inability to focus and follow the puck.

Fortunately, I don’t have any aspirations to work for ESPN.


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Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…

It’s official! We are engaged!

Along with the ring, this sign (made by an Islanders fan) makes it even more official:

This makes me laugh out loud. Unfortunately, it only lasted 1 full day before management called and requested that it be removed.

I can’t wait to marry this guy.

We are so happy and so blessed 🙂

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Road Trip: Dallas, TX

I may have to add “Keep blog up-to-date” to my New Year’s Resolution because I’ve been slow to post this past month. I blame the holiday rush.

Here is a summary of the trip to Dallas:

Dallas skyline. Finally, a real city!

It poured rain from the minute we arrived until the minute we left but spirits weren’t entirely dampened and it was such a fun weekend. We met up with friends and made it to a hockey game to see the NY Islanders beat the Dallas Stars. We also had our photo snapped for the fan page where my hair is strong evidence of the rainy weather. I opted to not show it here for fearing of losing followers. Kidding! Kind of…

The ultimate added bonus of the road trip?

A trip to Whole Foods!

It was my first time in a Whole Foods in 6 months and it goes without saying that I gave new meaning to the phrase “Like a kid crazy woman in a candy store an organic grocer.” I bought enough groceries for an entire week. Note to self for next time: bring ice packs and a cooler for the 3 hour drive so that you can stock up on some refrigerated items as well.

Arriving at the land of milk and honey.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful display. Note the Islanders fan to the left, proudly wearing his jersey.

Lastly, on the ride home, I had to document the menu choices at one of the gas stations. Only in Texas would you find menu options such as “Steak Fingers” and a meal called the “Belt Buster.”

I’m already looking forward to the next visit!

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The Princess and the Frog… and Shreveport

A friend recently brought it to my attention that Shreveport gets a shout-out in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. It makes sense since the movie is set in New Orleans. I haven’t seen the cartoon (yet) but in this clip the Frog Prince meets a Cajun lightening bug from the bayou named Ray. When the Frog mentions he’s from a land far, far away, Cajun Ray quips, “Oh, are you from Shreveport!?”

Hilarious. Even the creators at Disney understand the remoteness of Shreveport.

Enjoy for yourself.

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Oh, Christmas Tree

You may be surprised to learn that I am a bit of Scrooge at Christmastime. Maybe even a bit of a Grinch. It’s not that I dislike the Christmas season or hopeful weeks of Advent and what the season truly represents, it’s more that I hate the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The long lines, the hot tempers, the rushing around to get last minute presents, and the drama that surrounds a Christmas tree are exhausting.

Drama surrounding a Christmas tree, you ask? Yes, every year, the unpredictable variables of the Christmas tree continually deliver moments of holiday commotion.

Some years it’s the lights. Sometimes it’s the actual outing to the Christmas tree farm and wishing ill will on a family that has “stolen” your perfect tree. Then there was the time that the tree almost unfastened itself from the roof of our family minivan on the Garden State Parkway. Another year it was a vengeful cat that continually knocked it over, smashing lights, ornaments, and spirits. Other years it was the placement of ornaments (it can be a sensitive and territorial time). Needless to say, happy and long-lasting memories have been formed year after year. We can all laugh about this now.

This year is no different and the Christmas tree drama is caused by a tree stand that just…can’t.

After a long discussion that I did not want a tree, it was brought home to me as a “surprise.” I wasn’t initially thrilled but the gesture was so sweet that I can now say I know how the Grinch felt when his cold-stone heart grew 3 sizes that day.

Look at that fine tree. It even came complete with it's first two ornaments: a pencil for a teacher and a Batman, clearly representing the tree purchaser.

And this is the tree, a full week later, in it’s preferred position:

The first few times it fell, the thud into the window/wall had me convinced that it was an attempted burglary. No, it was just the tree that cannot stand. No matter how many times we fix it, or readjust and fasten it in the stand, it flops over. The Batman and pencil ornaments were shattered early on (along with our hopes of a Southern Living style Christmas tree) and the tree now has bald spots. Pine needles apparently don’t hold up well when repeatedly smashed against concrete.

If the tree can hold out for a new stand, I promise to post pictures and bring this tree back to life. I’m prepared to take style cues from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special if necessary. Stay tuned.

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The one good thing about “Hart of Dixie”

I’m not proud to admit this but the CW has been very helpful in keeping my iTunes library up to date. I loved the song played at the end of the last Hart of Dixie episode so much that I felt it needed to be shared publicly. It’s not available on iTunes (yet) so enjoy this YouTube of The Lumineers performing “Ho Hey.” The video makes me want musician friends who can perform at my parties just like this. Sigh.

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