Road Trip: Dallas, TX

I may have to add “Keep blog up-to-date” to my New Year’s Resolution because I’ve been slow to post this past month. I blame the holiday rush.

Here is a summary of the trip to Dallas:

Dallas skyline. Finally, a real city!

It poured rain from the minute we arrived until the minute we left but spirits weren’t entirely dampened and it was such a fun weekend. We met up with friends and made it to a hockey game to see the NY Islanders beat the Dallas Stars. We also had our photo snapped for the fan page where my hair is strong evidence of the rainy weather. I opted to not show it here for fearing of losing followers. Kidding! Kind of…

The ultimate added bonus of the road trip?

A trip to Whole Foods!

It was my first time in a Whole Foods in 6 months and it goes without saying that I gave new meaning to the phrase “Like a kid crazy woman in a candy store an organic grocer.” I bought enough groceries for an entire week. Note to self for next time: bring ice packs and a cooler for the 3 hour drive so that you can stock up on some refrigerated items as well.

Arriving at the land of milk and honey.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful display. Note the Islanders fan to the left, proudly wearing his jersey.

Lastly, on the ride home, I had to document the menu choices at one of the gas stations. Only in Texas would you find menu options such as “Steak Fingers” and a meal called the “Belt Buster.”

I’m already looking forward to the next visit!


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One response to “Road Trip: Dallas, TX

  1. Allison

    Loved seeing you both in Dallas! Come back soon!

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