It’s STILL football season

Living in SEC country for the last 6 1/2 months has me convinced that football isn’t just an obsession in the South, it is an actual organized religion. In fact, I’m pretty sure that true Louisiana locals actually bleed purple and gold, and not just because their t-shirts say so.

All of the local businesses, including grocery stores and gas stations, have turned into their own little Tiger Towns, selling LSU gear and apparel. How about a new jersey with your produce?

Windows are painted with colorful renditions of purple and gold tigers. Front lawns are adorned with flags and other tchotchkes. The radio stations offer listeners prizes for calling in and admitting ownership of the most outrageous LSU gear. One listener called in to describe a room in their house painted with purple and gold walls, a football turf floor, and a tiger ceiling fan.

What I’m trying to say is that these people are dedicated beyond comprehension. They make the efforts of the most zealous Notre Dame fan look apathetic, at best.

I was starting to get really sick of football (have I mentioned that they are equally fanatical about the Saints?) but then I saw this trailer for the BAMA vs. LSU rematch and I got excited. The game isn’t until Monday but considering we sang the LSU fight song this morning at work, I felt this video was necessary to share before starting your weekend:

Clearly, we’ll win. The Honey Badger takes what he wants and he’s not going home disappointed on Monday.


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