The OTHER victory from the BCS National Championship Game

For once this season I am very grateful to be a Notre Dame fan.  After so many years of experiencing one devastating loss after another, I think I was numbed  enough to handle the LSU loss fairly well. Ah, well. As a Notre Dame fan deliriously says at the end of a depressing bowl game, “There’s always next year.”

So let me tell you about the real victory that happened last night: I made Gumbo.

Remember when I first moved here, unimpressed with the take-out scene, and barely capable of making a grilled cheese? Then I posted with excitement when I made a few edible dishes for the first time?

If there’s been one surprising thing about living here, it is that I have become a really good cook. No, really. Didn’t you you see the Thanksgiving photos? Just last week I made Pesto Genovese. From scratch.

To get into the spirit for the big game – southern style – I made Gumbo. To me, this was the most Louisiana thing I could think of that could be a hearty winter dinner.

I did give it a little twist though. By that I mean I made a low-fat, low-sodium version and I opted not to include collard greens.

It was delicious.

Gumbo! Looks a little gross, but it was soo good!

Next time though, I think I’ll be less zealous with the cayenne pepper. It was hard to tell if it was the bad football, the gumbo, or a combo of both that had me sweating.


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