Country Living in the Winter

Sometimes the daily scenery around here leaves me in admiration thinking, “Wow, I really do live in the country.”

That feeling is immediately followed by a pang of despair and panic thinking, “Wow, I really do live in the country.

I thought that winter in the South would be warm and sunny and well, I guess I thought I would have a year-round tan. It hasn’t exactly worked out that way and it turns out that it can get cold here. “Cold” means anything below 55º and we’ve even had a few days in the 30s. This is nothing compared to the winters I spent in South Bend, Indiana, but I didn’t think a Southern winter would be just as dreary. We may not have snow, but the colors are just as blah.

While walking Gidg this afternoon, I took some photos of the scenery.

At the end of the walk Gidget caught scent of something and took over. Channeling a derby race horse, she dragged me across crunching leaves and tall grass (I was thankful I wore boots because I was fearing snakes) until we reached the prize she had spotted from about 1/4 mile away.

I have NO IDEA what animal this once was but it definitely wasn’t a squirrel. I’m pretty sure that it’s either the skeleton of a pelican or a baby T-Rex.

Let’s just say I’m grateful that the beast that ate this creature for dinner wasn’t still lurking around looking for his dessert.


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