We bought a house

We’re homeowners! I can’t believe it. You know that feeling you have when you move into your first place right after college and you feel like a real adult? This is just like that except 1,000x more frightening because now there isn’t a landlord to do the dirty work when something breaks.

The last two weeks have been not only exciting (a real kitchen! granite counter tops! a fireplace!) but also incredibly educational. I now know how to install a doorstop, turn on the water to the house, and light a gas water heater, among other grown-up things. I also took trash out to the curb for the first time in my life and while I was collapsing cardboard boxes and sorting the recycling, I briefly experienced empathy for my brother because that used to be his weekly chore when we were growing up.

The best part of the house, though? The backyard! Having lived in an apartment the last 4 1/2 years, this is a true treat! It is even Gidget-approved as evidenced by this photo of her sunbathing (have I mentioned that I love Louisiana winters?).

Now, I just need to get a Mardi Gras wreath to hang on our front door to make it a true Southern home.


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One response to “We bought a house

  1. peter

    i’m laughing out loud. thanks for the credit…10 years later!

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