Homeowner’s Initiation: When something big breaks

Remember when you were little and you had the Fisher-Price kitchen and played ‘house’? That’s kind of what it has been like the past three weeks.

Just as I imagined then, I have imagined now, that everything is in perfect condition and nothing can ever go wrong.

And then a pipe backed up and sewer water overflowed in through every crevice in the house, flooding the floors and I was abruptly brought back to reality.

This happened.

After a tsunami hits, everyone always says in retrospect there were warning signs. This was kind of like that, too. Wednesday there was a weird gurgle in the sink. Thursday morning the shower was slow to drain. Then Thursday night the tidal wave of disaster struck as water bubbled up in both bathrooms, soaking through the floor boards to saturate carpets in adjoining rooms and closets.

Apparently, there was a blockage between the clean out (didn’t know what this was until today) and the main line in the street, causing drainage problems. It was gross. It is still gross because the house is in shambles as the carpets air out.

I realize no one wants to read about a bathroom flooding, but I’m sharing it because  a) I didn’t have a nuclear-level meltdown when  my closet flooded and damaged a shoe (got close, but stopped) and b) I have found it absolutely hilarious. This literally happened just days after I finally had unpacked everything and was finally feeling settled.

And now some of the carpets have been ripped up and my home looks like this:

unidentified soot and dirt overflowed in through the shower drain.

1 out of 3 fans drying out the carpets.

airing out another corner of the bedroom

I’m also sharing this because the plumbers, builder, Shreveport Water & Sewer, and everyone else who has helped us with this has been amazing and I am forever grateful. Really, I am very very thankful. We are lucky to be surrounded by such kind people.

Now let’s just keep fingers crossed that the roof doesn’t cave in.


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