Running along country roads

I have really started to love running along some of the quieter roads in Shreveport. There is always something new to discover and I always happen to stumble upon something that you wouldn’t normally catch if you were driving by at 45 mph.

For example, these street signs are posted in the ground, in the woods, on a quiet road, and it makes no sense. After spotting them, I couldn’t decide if the street signs were always there and the woods and houses have grown around them, or if someone recently planted it there intentionally. I literally thought about this for the rest of my run.

What do you think?



Filed under Southern Living, Swamps and such

2 responses to “Running along country roads

  1. Or maybe some of the locals have been observing your runs and finding it a curious activity for the bayou thought “Let’s have some fun with the Yankee”. Thus placing the signs there to baffle you during your entire run. Cow tipping is so 2011.

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