Meet the Crane Fly

When some days feel like an episode of Survivor, the best strategy in the South is to kill anything that you are unsure of. Well, at least that’s been my motto.

When it comes to the bugs, I have been on a warpath, particularly with what I thought were giant mosquitoes.

It doesn’t look too threatening in that picture above, until you put something in the photo to show its scale (see below).

I batted these away for 7 months before learning that these are not mosquitoes. I was (wrongly) informed that they are Mosquito Hawks and that they eat 100+ mosquitoes a day.

I reacted to this news like any normal human being and decided I would help them flourish if it meant that my backyard and home would be mosquito-free. I even allowed a few inside (foolish, I know).

But after some overdue research, I learned that the insect pictured above is not a Mosquito Hawk and it doesn’t eat mosquitoes.

It’s a Crane Fly and it feasts on grass, which now explains why the backyard has practically been converted to fire kindling.

Let’s all keep fingers crossed that it won’t be a dry summer and/or that a landscaping miracle occurs to restore some of the greenery.


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