St. Patrick’s Day Greenery

Top o’ the morning!

It has felt like spring for weeks (was winter even here?) but it hasn’t looked like it.

However, last weekend’s heavy rainfall mixed with the past few days of sunshine to bring us a St. Patrick’s Day miracle. It seems Mother Nature changed her wardrobe from brown to green overnight, just in time for the holiday.

The backyard, looking less like a burnt patch of hay.

Azaleas are blooming in the front yard.

More springtime shrubbery from the front yard.

p.s. If there is one holiday that has made me miss home so far (NJ and/or DC), it is this one. St. Patrick’s Day just doesn’t get as much play down here as it does back home. For those of you enjoying parades and Guinness in excess to celebrate your Irish heritage, have an extra pint for me.


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