Spring Break trip to Washington, D.C.

The last 48 hours have included tornado warnings, power outages, and a spider so large that Rich had to kill it with a snow shovel (the sole of his shoe was inadequate and it was akin to witnessing a squirrel being slaughtered). So with all things considered, you can imagine how much I LOVED every minute of my brief visit to Washington, D.C. last week where spiders are the size of pinheads and the only “natural disasters” are those involving controversial politics.

My brother was gracious enough to host me and I was able to visit with fabulous friends while I was in town. I also went on an accidental tour-de-food and indulged in every delicious bite I could sink my teeth into, and of course, there was an afternoon of serious endurance-based shopping.

It was so fantastic.

I skipped most of the tourist stops and just savored every moment of city life, stopping by my favorite shops, eateries, and haunts. Here are a few photos to recap the 4 joyous days in my favorite city:

First stop: the 7am On-the-Go Class at Tranquil Space Yoga. I am obsessed. I went twice while I was in town.

The Chic P salad at Sweet Green for lunch. I died. I have missed this so much. It has falafel. Need I say anymore?

Nothing offsets the health benefits of a salad like a Chocolate 2 Cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake for dessert.

I died. Death by chocolate actually happened.

Mani/pedi at Vicky's in Georgetown. My favorite nail salon ever - they use hot stones to massage your feet.

Cherry Blossoms!

The one "tourist-y" thing we did because a trip to D.C. is incomplete without a visit to the Smithsonian. We saw the Annie Leibovitz "Pilgrimage" exhibition and "The Art of Video Games" exhibition.

View of the Washington Monument from the W Hotel P.O.V. rooftop bar.

W Hotel rooftop. Low humidity meant frizz-free hair for the first time in months.

I brought a dress to the best tailor in the world (Luis Tailor) who happens to be in Alexandria, VA. I must admit though... I had a hidden agenda of stopping into Alexandria Cupcake, which happens to be next door.

The Dupont metro escalator. Running to the top without stopping to catch your breath/pass-out is a true badge of physical fitness.

Sunset on a side street. SIGH. I miss this city so much.


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