3 things that I didn’t think were possible

Happy Friday the 13th!

It has been one of those bizarre weeks where it feels like everyone has lost their mind. Or maybe that’s just me.

So in light of today’s date, it’s only fitting that I post about the weird things that have happened recently:

1. My dog has turned into a cat.

Lying in the windowsill is a new development. I know that this isn't comfortable... or normal.


2. “Yeah, I got two pet gators. One’s named Billy. The other’s named Bob. I also got a armadillo, too. I got ’em all in my backyard,” — overheard at the grocery store. I wish I was making this up.


3. I have accidentally said “ya’ll” twice this week. It is so unthinkable and so disturbing that I felt the need to share, but be let it be known that we will never talk about this again and we’ll pretend it never happened. Jersey Girls do not say “ya’ll.”


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