At the gas pump in Shreveport

The spring time always flies by in a blur of weddings, graduations, and other social functions that it leaves little time for tending to other essential duties such as blogging.

I’ve been a poor reporter in recent weeks of happenings about town (we missed the Barksdale Airforce Air Show and a weeklong festival called Holiday in Dixie!) but there is one newsworthy item to share and that is the local price of gasoline.

When the morning news reports daily on the grim details of the ever-rising cost of oil, I am feeling very fortunate that Shreveport’s gas prices have hovered around $3.60 most of the time we’ve been here. While this is by no means any sort of bargain, it is significantly less expensive than when I was living in Washington, D.C.

I feel grateful to be able to fill my tank for less than $50 each week.

Do I sound old when I mention that I remember when I first got my license and gas was $1.24 per gallon?


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