Road trip: Lake Conroe, TX

Sometimes you just need to get away. Or in our case, take advantage of Rich’s weekend off (this never happens) and relax on Lake Conroe.

It was no Jersey Shore, but it felt far enough away from Shreveport that it was a true mini-vacation.

Bird’s eye view of La Torretta Lake Resort.

Sunset over Lake Conroe. Lovely.

While we were there, an antique car show was occurring. It was called “Cowboys & Cars.”

The “Super Moon” over the marina.

Aside from the poolside lounging and piano bar, the second best part about the trip was the unintentional sightseeing that occurred during the 4.5 hour drive.

Somewhere near the Louisiana and Texas border.

And then there was this place (below). I’m not sure if it’s open for regular business, but if it had been taking customers, I guarantee we would have stopped for dinner.

This was a true gem to drive by and I loved it mainly because of the yellow sign.


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