Stranded in Atlanta

There was one unexpected add-on to my weekend visit to New Jersey. I was supposed to connect in Atlanta, but weather delays out of Newark resulted in me missing the last flight out to Shreveport.

Now, if you know my family at all then you know we are prone to travel mishaps. Lost luggage, cancellations, overbooked hotels, car wrecks, airplane mechanical malfunctions, tsunami warnings, earthquakes, missed flights, missing persons, and extreme emotional meltdowns are all par for the course.

So my point is that  I should have known this was coming.

I had no choice but to stay the night in Atlanta and the next morning I even had plenty of time to tour the World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta’s claim to fame.

Vintage soda machines.

“Always Coca-Cola” — even across the globe.

The iconic Santa posters.

Every child’s dream come true: The tasting room. Unregulated sugar and caffeine consumption spanning 100+ flavors.

Some of the Coca-Cola products available in Africa. This picture was nearly impossible to take because every dispenser in the room had 5+ people hooked up to it at all times. It was the thirstiest group of people I’ve ever seen.

The finale of the tour, this is where the phrase “road soda” originated. 

Clearly this travel mishap epitomized the classic saying, “When life gives you lemons, have a coke.” Or something like that.


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