Finger Lickin’ Good BBQ

There used to be a place in Point Pleasant, New Jersey called Southern House. I am not lying when I say that they had the best barbecue ribs ever. This says a lot because I don’t even really like ribs. Or barbecue for that matter.

We would always get a bucket on our way down to my grandfather’s house in Mantoloking. While most people associate the smell of family gatherings with Christmas cookies or Thanksgiving stuffing, I always associate the smell of baby back ribs with special family occasions.

Sadly, Southern House burned down in 2003 and I can’t even recall if I’ve eaten ribs since.

Fast forward nine years later and we have found ribs that rival those of Southern House. I’m actually going to officially state that last night’s dinner was my best meal since moving to the South.

Thank you, Silver Star Smokehouse.

This is the type of place where you can smell the BBQ pit before you even get out of your car.

The Cowboy Ten Commandments hanging by the hostess stand.

I blinked from the flash but I think this better depicts how delicious the ribs tasted. Pure bliss.

My hands were covered in sticky BBQ sauce.

I’m not sure why the last two photos have black spots all over them, but I think it adds authenticity to the gritty feel of a good Southern smokehouse.


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