Road Trip to Jersey Part 1: Memphis, TN

Yesterday we (Gidget and I) embarked on our multi-day journey to Jersey! The first stop was Memphis and after visiting, I am now obsessed with this city.

I think I may have even sent several texts to my fiance that said, “How do you feel about moving to Memphis after residency?”

Here are all of the reasons why I fell in love with this Tennessee gem.

1. It is literally right along the Mississippi River.

The lovely Mississippi River.

2. If a city has a working trolley system, it is guaranteed that it will be love at first sight. San Francisco and New Orleans are among my other favorite cities for this same reason.

I just love street cars.

Trolley stop.

Trolley train tracks.

3. Horse and carriage rides are so quaint. I loved this. Gidget on the other hand, went completely berserk at the sight of the horses and had what I think is a dog’s version of a panic attack every single time one went by (barking, howling, panting, screaming). This occurred approximately every 3 minutes. We knew everyone on Main Street by the end of the night as a result. Or, I should say, they definitely knew us.


4. New Orleans has Bourbon Street. Austin has Sixth Street. Memphis has Beale Street. What’s not to love?

Shreveport needs something similar in its downtown.

There are so many more sights to see! I’m already scheming an extended return visit…



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2 responses to “Road Trip to Jersey Part 1: Memphis, TN

  1. Jenn

    sorry i missed you this time!! glad you like the city…but u didn’t even see the nicer parts (or…the ugly parts). Next time u must check out us on Mud Island right by the Mississippi!

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