Road Trip to Jersey Part 5: Jersey Shore

5 the number of days we spent traveling.

30 the approximate number of hours we spent driving.

1,800 the approximate number of miles we traveled.

8 the number of states I drove through on my way to Jersey.

7 the number of times I felt tired, frustrated, and tempted to abandon the car, give up on the trip and permanently relocate to whatever town I was driving through at that moment.

482 the number of times I was involuntarily subjected to a Nicki Minaj song on the radio.

1 the number of times Gidget got loose in the hotel and chased down a room service waiter delivering someone else’s meal.

47 the number of times I profusely apologized for above incident.

0 the number of speeding tickets acquired on this journey. PHEW.

And after all of that…

It is a tradition to play a Bruce song immediately upon seeing this sign.

…we finally made it safely to the land of fist pumps and hair bumps.


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