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The busiest summer of my life has come to an end.

Well, July was a complete blur and the month practically vaporized from the calendar. Here is a very brief summary:

I returned to Shreveport mid-July for about a week.

Ernest’s of Orleans restaurant in Shreveport.

And I started to assemble and organize my classroom.

A work in progress.

But then I flew to Chicago for a professional development course.

The L Train.

The Bean.

The River.

The best part about this trip was the mini-college reunion that took place.

Miss these girls : )

And then I flew to Jersey for my friend Meg’s wedding.


The bride and some Jersey Girls.

Then I finally returned to Shreveport and it’s been work, work, work, for the last week.

July just flew by. I can’t believe school starts this week! Where did the time go this summer?


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