Road trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana

A few Saturdays back, Gidget and I drove 90 minutes south on LA Rt 1 to the next cluster of civilization within driving distance, and visited Natchitoches, Louisiana. The scenic route consisted of about 45+ different churches (one that stands out in my mind is the “Cowboy Church”), and endless farmland. 

Historic Natchitoches is quaint and I’m glad I checked it off my of “Louisiana Bucket List.” Apparently, it’s the oldest remaining settlement in the Louisiana Purchase Territory, and it was the film site for “Steel Magnolias.”


Fountain at the center of town.


“Steel Magnolias” sidewalk slate for Julia Roberts.


Front Street Directory. Lasyone’s is a famous place for Meat Pies, a Natchitoches staple.


View of Front Street.


I just loved this boot repair sign.


The obligatory Gidget exploration shot.


View of the river.

Perhaps on the next visit, I’ll be brave enough to try a meat pie (I’m still unsure as to what that really entails). 


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