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Summer Sunset

While driving home the other evening, the roads were empty and I caught this really serene sunset. The sky was just glowing with warm, summer light.





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Dunkin’ Donuts in the ‘Port

You know your city has reached the pinnacle of urbanization when a Dunkin’ Donuts rolls into town. After all, this is what America runs on.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I will go out on a limb here and say that the DD Hazlenut coffee (iced or hot) can’t be beat.

But really, my main interest in Bossier City’s newest vendor has to do with the munchkins.


IMG_0877I only like the chocolate ones and we are slightly embarrassed to admit that this box of 25 didn’t last a full 24 hours in our house.

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Gidget turns 5!

To celebrate the five years of non-stop howling terror this maniac beagle has unleashed in everyone’s lives, she gets her very own birthday post. (I’m aware this puts me on the same level as a crazy cat lady).

Yesterday, Gidget turned 5. In human years, this equates to mid-thirties, yet Gidget is proof that age is all about attitude.

Cupcakes for breakfast.

Cupcakes for breakfast.

The favorite among the birthday toys was selected.

The favorite among the birthday toys (sent from Gidget’s grandparents) was selected.

And then she raced through the house.

Hit a dead end, turned around.

Off to find a hiding place.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. 

Happy birthday to the most adorable dog there is!

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Day Trip + Meat Pies

I’m practically vegetarian. I also hate pies (all kinds). Yet, somehow the combination of the two is fabulous, and I had the pleasure of trying it this weekend.

We took a day trip to Natchitoches this weekend for lunch and some shopping.

IMG_0852We ate lunch at The Landing, a quaint restaurant along Front Street with eclectic menu offerings such as alligator, catfish, rabbit hushpuppies, and a local favorite, meat pies.



Since Natchitoches is known for its meat pies, I silenced all of my internal protests against such a creation and resolved to try them.

IMG_0850They were Ah-maz-ing. Like really, really good. The best description I can give them is to liken them to baby calzones filled with spices and meat.

I cannot  believe I let two years pass without trying this Louisiana staple.

This is probably the one time you’ll ever hear me say I’ve been missing out when speaking about a deep-fried meat dish, and I’m okay with that.


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Half-Marathon Training in the Summer

Participant ribbon from one of the local summer fun runs.

Participant ribbon from one of the local summer fun runs.

There was once a time when I really relished a long summer run. Not so much anymore. Thank you, Shreveport.

In New Jersey, there might be a “heat wave” where the heat index exceeds 100°, maybe once a year. I can’t even believe I used to complain about this when it only lasted a week or two, max.

Now, I live in a constant heat wave for six months every year. This means there are some new challenges when training during the summer months for the famed fall marathon (or half) season.

I’m currently training for the Women’s Running Half Marathon in Nashville, TN, and I hate running on a treadmill. After battling, (yes, battling), two previous summers in Louisiana, where I felt faint, dizzy, and nauseous, after almost every run outside, I think I finally have it right this third time around.

I’m sharing my tips for running in temps that make your life miserable, so it’s not as miserable.

  • Hydrate fully an entire day before a long run (anything exceeding 5 miles) with lots of water, a lot of watery fruits and veggies, and skip anything carbonated or heavily caffeinated.
My two favorite choices for staying hydrated.

My two favorite choices for staying hydrated.

  • Set the alarm for 5:00am (or earlier). This is the hardest part, but also the most important. You need to already be running while it’s still dark out. Once the sun has been up and blazing for only a mere hour (around here it rises a little after 6am), it will begin to feel like the fires of hell have been unleashed upon you. Think you can just wait until the evening when the sun goes down? Think again. That asphalt you’re running on has been baking all day and will continue to radiate heat like a fry pan.
  • Expect that your pace will dramatically slow down. No, you’re not out of shape (okay, maybe just a little), but the heat is going to take a lot out of you, and your first mile is going to look a lot different than your last mile.
  • Under absolutely no circumstances should you wear any article of clothing made out of cotton when going for a long run. This is a classic rookie mistake. Google it for horror stories.
  • Bring water with you on the run. You can invest in some fancy gear, but I think that’s cumbersome. I usually just carry a baby 8oz water bottle with me and refill it at water stops as I go. The best (free) water stop in Shreveport is here:
A BIG thank you to the residents of this development for letting local runners stop here for water!

A BIG thank you to the residents of this development for letting local runners stop here for water!

  • Lastly, don’t overdo it. Hitting a mileage or time goal isn’t worth it if you’re feeling awful.

Happy running!

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Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

There’s a new hotspot in town: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Resort & Casino in Bossier City.

We recently went to check it out.

IMG_0828Not being a frequent visitor to casinos, once inside, it kind of looked like all of the other casinos in Shreveport/Bossier; the only difference being its affinity for palm tree decor and tropical drinks.

The one thing that does set it apart from the others in town, however, is the Margaritaville roofdeck bar.

IMG_0832It’s the one place in town with a great view of the Red River, Texas Street Bridge, and Louisiana Boardwalk. (Tip: Arrive before 8pm to avoid the $5 cover charge).


I think most visitors will probably say that the strong margaritas, served in a souvenir blender cup, make the trip worthwhile (watch out, Superior Grill).


Now, if only I actually liked margaritas…


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I can’t even begin…

Sometimes I wish I knew Rich in college. Other times, I’m grateful we didn’t meet until afterwards.

While cleaning out some boxes and closets recently, Rich uncovered this tiger printed, faux-fur blanket. He says it was from his fraternity days.

The absurdity of it makes me laugh out loud every time.

Gidget even posed for a glamour shot.


Is anyone else reminded of the Seinfeld episode with the George Castanza photo shoot?

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