Fourth of July Weekend Festivities

Prior to this year, Rich and I had never spent Fourth of July weekend together. He has always worked, and I have always returned home to Jersey for the Red Bank fireworks.

The fireworks in Red Bank were cancelled for the second year in a row (insert cries of protest here), so I decided to stay put in Shreveport for the holiday.

The first event of the weekend was the Firecracker 5K, an annual fun run and health walk. At 3,000+ participants, it is Shreveport’s biggest race. I missed winning a commemorative mug for the top female finishers by less than a minute. Agh!


And to honor our American culinary roots, we grilled over the last few days. A lot. My favorite dish was the chicken pesto skewers (recipe here). 


Saturday warranted another trip to the Farmers’ Market. I am so obsessed with how fresh all of the produce is each week, as well as the cinnamon roasted pecans. They are to die. 

IMG_0825This Saturday’s market also had some lively entertainment.  You can’t beat an authentic fiddler in the South. 

The low-key vibe this weekend was a refreshing change of pace and a nice way for us to spend our first married Fourth of July together. 

What did everyone else do to celebrate their Fourth?


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