Day Trip + Meat Pies

I’m practically vegetarian. I also hate pies (all kinds). Yet, somehow the combination of the two is fabulous, and I had the pleasure of trying it this weekend.

We took a day trip to Natchitoches this weekend for lunch and some shopping.

IMG_0852We ate lunch at The Landing, a quaint restaurant along Front Street with eclectic menu offerings such as alligator, catfish, rabbit hushpuppies, and a local favorite, meat pies.



Since Natchitoches is known for its meat pies, I silenced all of my internal protests against such a creation and resolved to try them.

IMG_0850They were Ah-maz-ing. Like really, really good. The best description I can give them is to liken them to baby calzones filled with spices and meat.

I cannot  believe I let two years pass without trying this Louisiana staple.

This is probably the one time you’ll ever hear me say I’ve been missing out when speaking about a deep-fried meat dish, and I’m okay with that.



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