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Dreams do come true

You guys! All of my Shreveport prayers have been answered! It’s happening! It’s really happening!

On Wednesday, I was literally leaving the grocery store, when I refreshed my Facebook newsfeed and saw this article from the Shreveport Times as well as the following:


Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 11.19.26 AM

Are you at all surprised that tears of joy literally sprang from my eyes? I actually cried and became weepy, I was that happy and excited.

Then, the ultimate cherry on top of an already fabulous news week, was that Shreveport is also getting its own Blo Blow Dry Bar.

Blo Blow Dry BarThis week was proof that dreams do come true.

Great organic produce + great hair = I have died and gone to Shreveport heaven.



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Chicago visit!

At the very end of October, I flew to Chicago for my friend Julie’s wedding. Chicago is so fun to visit because so many Notre Dame friends live there, and in a weird way, the abundance of familiar faces make the city feel like home.

It was a whirlwind weekend, as wedding weekends tend to be, but I tried to squeeze as much catching up and city life into 36-hours as I possibly could.

I arrived Friday evening and went to a vinyasa class at Yoga Loft (relaxing!), followed by dinner with friends at Hubbard Inn (I ate my weight in bacon-wrapped figs, delish!).

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and squeezed in a 9-mile run along Chicago’s Lakefront.



I met up with an ND friend for coffee at Beatrix (adorable!), followed by brunch with a few others at 25 Degrees. Then, to tame my wild hair, I even snuck in a blowout at Blowtique.

The wedding was beautiful, and it was such a treat to catch up with so many Notre Dame friends, many whom I’ve known since freshman year of college. My college days would have not had nearly as much laughter if these girls hadn’t been there to share the experience with me.

Thanks for the photo, Beth!

Thanks for the photo, Beth!


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Girls’ Weekend in Nashville

The month of September ended on a high note when my sister and a few of our friends met up together in Nashville, Tennessee for a girls’ weekend and a half marathon race.

Pre-race dinner!

Pre-race dinner!

We ran the Women’s Running Series Half Marathon and it was the first race I’ve ever run where serious thought was put into what runners really want during and after running 13.1 miles.

Free running skirt stations in addition to water stops? Check.

Champagne and chocolate chip cookies at the finish line? Check, check!

photo 3

photo 1

The race started and ended at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the weather was perfect. It was so great to catch up and we agreed that weekends like this are so important and absolutely necessary, especially since everyone’s lives are becoming more and more full as we get married and start families. We’ve already started scheming for the next trip.

Oh, and here’s the obligatory, pre-best-pulled-pork-sandwich-of-my-life-and-I-don’t-even-eat-pork photo of us in the Nashville unofficial uniform: sundresses and cowgirl boots (I have no idea why it’s so small. Sorry!).

Outside Puck's Grocery. Seriously delicious BBQ.

Outside Puck’s Grocery. Seriously delicious BBQ.

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How we met “Oscar”

Shreveport can be pretty cool sometimes (yeah, I said it).

You might remember that back in 2012 at the Academy Awards, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg, two Shreveport locals of Moonbot Studios, won the Oscar for “Best Animated Short Film” for their film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Well, a few months ago, we were lucky to be invited to a tres chic martini party by good friends of ours. It was hosted by Moonbot’s Lampton Enoch and Brandon Oldenburg, with a special guest appearance by that very “Oscar.” It was a ton of fun, and we were so grateful to be included in such a unique evening. What a treat! (p.s. it’s a lot heavier than it looks!)




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The tragedy of my little garden

You might remember my excitement about the garden I planted in September. I was ecstatic and even more so when the garden thrived. I couldn’t even believe I hadn’t killed anything, and I was so, so excited about it.

And then the unforeseen happened.

A biblical invasion of fire ants turned my garden bed into a prolific ant farm.

I was beside myself, and my desperate attempts to eradicate the ants resulted in killing my hard-earned crops. I did salvage a few green onions, but still, it wasn’t the same.

The remnants.

The remnants.

I’ll try again in the spring, but it was quite a lesson (at the risk of sounding cliche) in the challenge of cultivating our own food. I’ve always been a supporter of the local, organic food movement, and if I was this upset over a few carrot tops, I can’t imagine the devastation real farmers face when an entire season – and their livelihood – is lost in an instant.

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